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Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

To the Dollop-Heads*

Dear dollop-heads,
I don’t know what’s on your head..but sometimes I want to know what’s in it
Dear dollop-heads,
How can it be that you’re always on my life? Sometimes, even my besties are dollop-heads. Am I such attractive to you? A magnet?
Dear dollop-heads,
 How can you be so dumb for not thinking about others, the people suffering because of you?
Dear dollop-heads,
Why can’t I pretend that you’re not a dollop-head, or better, think positively about you?
Dear dollop-heads,
If you do or say something wrong, just admit it…I won’t take any blame on you
Dear dollop-heads,
Is your brain that small so you can only think about yourself? This world isn’t only about you. It doesn’t revolve only around you.
Dear dollop-heads,
Stop acting like you know everything and boasting about yourself. You’re only human, like the others.
Dear dollop-heads,
Why are you so annoying?
Dear dollop-heads,
Don’t stick around. Stay away from me!
Dear dollop-heads,
Why are you a dollop head?

*Well..I borrow the term “dollop-head” from Merlin the series which refers to person who thinks that he/she is the Mr./Mrs. I’m-always-right, blinded by their attitude and doesn’t want to care about their surroundings. I don’t know what’s the term for such kinda person, narrow-minded? Small brain? I don’t know..so I just use the term dollop-head.

Rabu, 06 Juli 2011


akhir2 ini bener2 g bisa bagi waktu nih T_T
kemaren2 lembur editan materi yang berjibun
sekarang..jadwal udah biasa..tapi gara2 si akang malah ketagihan maen game online
hadeeehhh...bukanya produktif malah jadi pemalas nih T_T
kangen pengen jahit2
pengen nempel2..tapi kok mudnya lagi g dapet ya..
mood..pada kemana sih??
mampir donk ke tempatku :(

lagi curiga ama diri sendiri..jangan2 ku tuh bosenan ya?
habis..mendadak mud ilang =___=a
ah..moga cepet ketemu lagi ama si mud