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Kamis, 20 Januari 2011

are you a friend?

are you a friend?? why do you call your self "a friend".what is it??
once I thought you're someone called a friend, you've stabbed my back
There's wise words saying a friend in need is a friend indeed..
but it seems to me that you need everything n want me to get this "everything" for you
ok..I'm there when you need me,but I have my own life..I'm not your servant who can be told to do this and that for you

Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011


well i've just taken a look of some friend's networking sites
I find so interesting :p
a new hobby to spend  my boring time at home =__=
I was quite surprised when I checked one of my friends profile page
Find some of her sexy-posed-pics exposed in her page
perhaps I won't be this surprised if I see these pics in other friends page
but considering that she wears veil in campus..It was a lil bit shocking
It's not that I want to judge her or something (well I maybe do) :(
I my self wear veil.n I haven't been able to wear the real veil
so I don't deserve to judge or blame her
no..I won't
But isn't it an irony?
in campus life she wears veil.but one step away from campus she takes off her veil,
n wears mini dress, poses sexily.
It's her rights to do everything she likes
but for me..
It's just an irony

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011


ah ya..
setelah lulus kuliah, saya jd sering nganggur
yah..beginilah fase a.k.a tahap2 pencarian kerja seorang pengangguran
karena waktu yg berlebih, alhasil, muncul lagi niat buat berkarya
entah setelah berapa lama saya gak bikin prakarya felt ini :D

so here are some of my works :)


recently I feel so stressed out
Ppl keep telling me what to do..How I have to behave
What will I be..
It's kinda annoying..n frustrating
The ones I called friend before are busy mending their own bussiness
Hell with them..
I a place where I can be me
n Here I am..I'm welcoming myself to this page :D

Welcome me!!