Welcome to Dhee's world

Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Welcome to My New World :)

Dear blog,
it's a quite long time for me not to write 
well i had to adapt my self to my new environment, new job, new people, and new blah blah blah
n I couldn't believe my self that i forgot so many necessary things
n kept on grumbling and sighing all day long
n now I still wonder why I could be such a jerk
I did nothing but drowning myself in misery (OMG, it's exaggerating) and stopped being positive
I guess being apart from fellas and bf whom I usually see everyday is kinda hard
but time went by
suddenly I realize that being apart from those I love is not a reason for me being a lazy hag complaining about everything and refusing to do something right
well..My mom made me realize
without her, I'm still lost in my thought, busily pitying myself why can't I do this and that
Lord, I thank you for giving me such a great mother :) 

well..Now, I'm trying to be positive, I'm trying to love job more
yeah...I should've done this from the very start
Because of this job, I can go into new places I never think I will be able to be there
Because of this job, I see new faces, I learn sooo many new things
Dear Lord, It's not what I dreamed to be..
But I do hope that this job can be one of the greatest lessons and experiences You give me

Got some pics for u
These are some places I visited during my working time :)