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Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011


well i've just taken a look of some friend's networking sites
I find so interesting :p
a new hobby to spend  my boring time at home =__=
I was quite surprised when I checked one of my friends profile page
Find some of her sexy-posed-pics exposed in her page
perhaps I won't be this surprised if I see these pics in other friends page
but considering that she wears veil in campus..It was a lil bit shocking
It's not that I want to judge her or something (well I maybe do) :(
I my self wear veil.n I haven't been able to wear the real veil
so I don't deserve to judge or blame her
no..I won't
But isn't it an irony?
in campus life she wears veil.but one step away from campus she takes off her veil,
n wears mini dress, poses sexily.
It's her rights to do everything she likes
but for me..
It's just an irony

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