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Minggu, 17 April 2011

crisis of identity (n my own crisis??)

well I possibly complain too much
making too much junk here.no matter how I just want to spill everything out
what's so cool about Indonesian slang language?for real????
both the alay n jakarta lang
It's not that I don't like that lo-gue language
when it's used by jakartanese or those coming from big city, I don't mind
but whenever it comes to those living in a small town, God..it's so annoying
Why can't they speak the way they usually are?

instead of using that loe-gue language, why they can't use their own language
haaah..I just hate them for being so-cool-wanna-be
no offense to Jakartanese or Betawinese :)
I only hate the ppl who aren't native of those Jakarta n Betawi lang then use them to make them sound "cool"

btw..it's funny that I myself posted this without using javanese and I complain much about them for not using their own language
poor me. I'm inconsistent.. =____=

2 komentar:

  1. there is no point of trying so hard to be so cool but dull...

  2. ahahaha..u're rite :D
    dunno why..they look so pitiful to me