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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

I DO have dreams

When I was a baby girl, I had a dream of becoming doctor, then astronaut..then president..singer..ah so many dreams that I had n now I can’t remember what I wanted to be

See..people get old..So do I..
Some will be mature enough..some will remain the same as they were, kids
N I guess, I belong to second group..I am what I was..a kid..a baby girl
But that baby girl had some circumstances that wouldn’t allow her to stay the same
That forced her to leave her wonderland n face the reality

Lil by lil I learn about life..it’s not as simple as we think..it’s not as easy as we want it to be
It can be so bitter, so harsh and cruel…

I was raised in a broken home family..But there’s no need to be ashamed
I love my family..n I’m grateful for what God has given to me
U know..because of that I can learn so many things..
That having ones I can trust till the end..having ones I can fight with..having ones I can share my burdens with..having ones called “family” is one of God’s greatest gifts
That having a place called “home” (though some people won’t take this word seriously) where u can return to when the world turns its back on you is such an indescribable happiness

When I was a kid..and till now, I like  to read fairy tales n bedtime stories..Well, for some of u who often read western children stories probably will find a phrase saying “Happily ever after” almost in every story. When I was a baby girl, I did believe that phrase..

That’s the point what makes me a baby girl, always..

I’m 23..n till now..I do believe that “Happily ever after” do exists
I don’t need a prince, I don’t need castle, I don’t need horse-drawn carriage
What I want are just a simple but happy family and a place called home when I can raise my kids with my own hands..seeing them grown and holding hands with my husband..or perhaps sitting in bench n watching our grandchildren running in the playground

Well..it’s kinda ordinary, isn’t it?

But sometimes being ordinary is the best thing that’s so hard to achieve

..I DO have dreams..
Hope God grants my dreams  
n I hope someday the days will come to me
They surely will

2 komentar:

  1. i believe God surely grants your dreams sista.. :-)

  2. amen,
    I do hope the same thing pon :D